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Originally Posted by leilei1202 View Post
I actually go to children's clothing stores and the children's section of places like Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and see the popular/most common color combos... Shades of pink are huge for me, as well as solids (light pink, shocking pink, white, brown, lavendar, hot pink, etc.)... Anything bright is always big and for Fall/Winter anything paired with brown... HTH
I agree with this. I also look at things that are in season or color combos of everyday things. for example right now I am making "candy corn korkers" they are orange white and yellow. Food and candy help lol. I do cotton candy, bubble gum, use colors that you seen in sprinkles. Things you see outside like flowers. Colors of sports teams, even look at your own clothes and decorations and see what colors you prefer together. I love to mix and match colors!! HTH
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