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Default Re: Is this going to be as easy as it looks?

Originally Posted by blondie View Post
do you use a template for the petal shapes?
No template needed. Take a manilla file folder and just cut out shapes in different sizes (either cirles, flowers, etc)...this will serve as your template. The shapes do not have to be perfect b/c when you cut the fabric, you are going to fray it or singe it anyway, so it is not necessary to cut the shapes out perfectly. I love making these little guys! You can mix different types of fabric and shapes, and use different centers. To make the bottom gathered, sew large stitches on the bottom of the flower, then pull it and knot it. Play around with it to get the look that you want. Try one with the fabrics and colors that you like. I know you'll love what you come up with!

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