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Default Re: Alligator clip with flat rectangle top question

How wide are they? How does it look if you line it with the size ribbon that would cover the rectangle... and just leave the excess on the pinch part? (Am I making sense)

Or... use the wide ribbon and trim and seal the amt that would go on the pinch part?

OR... line the pinch first, w/ 3/8's; then the rest with coordinating wider ribbon?

OR -THIS IS MY FAVORITE- Line the wide part FIRST, then line the WHOLE THING with coordinating 3/8's. That way it'd be layered, with a stripe down the middle. You could use the 3/8's to make a tuxedo bow; or affix some bling... it could be for looks as well as functioning as a liner.

Sorry to ramble, I get a little excited sometimes...! Please share whatever you decide
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