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Default Re: "Handmade" question. Does this count?

wonder if the black flower would work? Or mabye a brown? I'll have to see if I can get a darker color to match with... Hopefully I'll have the buttons mid week next week. I have them ready but need my tiny baby buttons!
I don't think I could do more then $10 either. BUT $10 seems to be a good price here in OKlahoma, I sell tons of them when I go to shows, which isn't much!

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
That is what I was thinking. $10. I honestly don't think I can get more than that here anyway, but wanted to see what the "going rate" was since I usually sold kufi bands and flowers sep. I did a 2for whatever deal on those.

Anyway, thanks for replying! Oh and I never answered you I don't think? I have the darker brown leopard baby shoes.
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