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Default Re: "Handmade" question. Does this count?

Well, it's all in how you take the "handmade" IMO. The kufi's I buy ARE handmade, just not by me. Yes, your flowers are. There are people who buy the HH flower clippies and sell them as hand made. They are, by someone else. But you are going an extra step to take them apart and put them back together. Wings are a yes in my book.

I think that embellishing them totally qualifies.

There are some shows that will have it in their paperwork about there being a certain % of your work or booth that must be handmade/altered. If it doesn't state exactly, then I say you are good to go. Also, if it doesn't say "handmade by you" then I'd take that as you can sell anything that is handmade.

Kufi's are pretty popular for me. I have 2 sizes and sell the infants for $8 and the child/adult for $10. I don't add anything to them as I have my booth set up so they can mix and match however they choose. Works really nice!

Really, in all the shows I've done (I do them just about every weekend), I've not had my booth inspected once.
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