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Default Re: Wood burners... is there special one to get?

Originally Posted by TraseeAnn View Post
OUCHIES!!!!!! Haven't done that one, but I have burnt my fingers a *few* times. I got some "First Degree" burn cream to keep on my table now.

Just wondering how that conversation went while you were talking on the phone and burning your fingers at the SAME time?
I own a brick and mortar business that has nothing to do with hair bows, and was on the phone with one of those clients. Thankfully, I'm a mama and I have a high pain tolerance so I managed to pretend all was well while my fingertips were smoking! Also, I am Southern and was raised to be polite and smile through the the client never even knew I had chargrilled my fingers.

I did end the conversation quickly after that though. LOL (And I was joking about not having fingerprints--I grabbed the hot end with the strength you would need to unscrew the tip, but I also removed my hand quickly!)

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