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Default Re: Calling all my crafty sisters for help!!

Thanks Vanitha and you ladies for your kind words. The flower in the photo looks like silk chiffon to me. It can be really expensive and time consuming. If yours doesn't need to be exact I think a satin singed petal flower will do. It'll cut down the cost of supply and easier to make. There are tons of singed flower tuts on here, just do some searching. You may want to try cutting a set of petals with scallop edges (in different size), singe them and sew or glue them together. Because the satin is 100% polyester when you heat it you can stretch and shape it to any curve you like and the shape will secure when it cools off. I love using lighters, you may want to try how a lighter will do with your satin material before really making this. Have fun!
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