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I have not tried to dye ribbon yet, but I know from tie dyeing that your results will probaby depend on getting the right product for the right material. I don't use Ritt for tie dyes, I use Procion dyes and they are awesome! If you go to Dharma Trading Company's website & click on Dyes, once that page loads, click on the button for help choosing your dye, then you can click on what type of material you are using and see what they recommend. From there, I would just read what they have posted about each dye or pigment. (They list pros and cons so you can choose which product you think would be best for you.)

One thing to keep in mind about dyeing is that it is different from mixing paint colors. Paint colors are more like pigments, where dyes are more like mixing light. (if that makes sense) You can buy color wheels specifically for dyes that may help you obtain a specific color. You'll still have to test some because the hardness of your water (and anything else added to it) may affect your outcome a little too, but at least it will save you the some of the steps.

If it were me, I would probably try Jacquard's DyeNaFlow Silk Paints. They are a very thin consistency, more like that of dye than paint, but they would mix more like paint. Also, remember to wash whatever you dye first because it will take any sizing or other products out and prepare the material to receive the dye. Then set the paint or dye according to the manufacturer's instructions (some need to be heat set) Sorry to be so wordy, but I hope this helps!

Does anyone know what material the double ruffle ribbon is made out of? I'm thinking that dyeing that for a headband or hairclippie to match my tie dyed baby onesies & outfits would be really cute.

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