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Default Re: How to make my twisted bows not collapse up?

I was having the same issues with my twisteds. If you'll notice in the instructions, she has a giant picture that has all the twisteds in diffrent sizes and diffrent size ribbons. If you look at that picture, you see that there are a few diffrent ones for each size ribbon.

For example, she has three diffrent sizes for 5/8ths ribbon with diffrent size templates. I try each size ribbon with the diffrent size templates and see which turn out the best.

I had tie mine instead of sewing them, and I had a really hard time trying to get them to turn out right. But I watched the video someone had posted where the lady uses a clippie to hold the back two pieces of ribbon together while you seperate your loops and that has made a huge difference in my twisteds. I also make my loops super seperated. And they have come out realllllly well ever since. The first time I tried seperating them like that I thought that it wasn't going to turn out right, but that was my best twisted ever. They have all been great ever since then!
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