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Default I am very very sad THREEBLESSINGSBOWTIQUE AT GMAIL DOT COM you can reach me

I cannot believe what this board has come to in the last couple months and am going to have to leave....

DONT FREAK, you will all get your orders if they arent already in the mail.

I cant get over how ppl are reacting with the group buys as if ppl are making money on these, the last HP buy I did, i spent over $30 OF MY OWN money just in shipping to me as their shipping was more than I charged the buy ins

These are not easy to do ppl

I am sorry I am sick and I am sorry I have not been on the board to let ppl know what is going on, I HAVE EMAILED a lot and ASKED ppl to email ME at threeblessingsbowtique AT gmail DOT com repeatedly if they need me or an update.

Somedays it is even hard to get out of bed.......not that it is your problem just saying!!! Needless to say, I cannot be responsible for ppls emails not getting to them for this reason or that, and I cannot please anyone right now......

SO that said, goodbye, you can reach me at my email, I am logging out for GOOD and will NOT be back EVER........


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