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Default Korkers - Starching and Heat Sealing Question

Hi everyone!!

I just bought a wood burner at WalMart last week to help me with my korkers. Before I bought the wood burner, I would twirl my ribbon, starch it, bake it, cut it, put fray check on the ends, then sew it. I figured this would save me SO much time!!

So I twirled my ribbon, starched it, baked it, cut it with my wood burner and aaaallllll of my light colored ribbons charred on the ends.

So then I twirled my ribbon, baked it, cut it with my wood burner, sewed it, starched it, then baked it, and aaaalllll of my light colored ribbons scorched. I just ruined 3 pairs of korkers - including the set I made my daughter for her first day of kindergarten!! I baked them at 250 for about 20 minutes.

I suppose if I starch it after I have made the korker, I just need to cook it at a lower temp and/or for less time?? But I definitely prefer the way the korker looks if it is starched on the dowel. Can anybody help me? Please
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