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Default Re: HELP on a bottle cap bow please!???!!

Originally Posted by JennyLizDesigns View Post
E6000 it is! I will try using the hot glue w/it and see if that works. I have about 10 bows that I'm supposed to mail out today - wonder if I should go back and reinforce the caps with E6000? Hmmmm....

And - this is probably a dumb question. But how in the HECK do you deal with E6000? What I mean is - everytime I squeeze a tiny dab out, it starts flowing out and won't stop! Then it seems like the tube dries up really quickly. I've hated dealing with that stuff, which is why I hadn't been using it. But if that's what works, I will definitely go buy a fresh tube and learn to love it!

Thanks ladies!!

Take the dab out then close the cap right after a pain but then you wont have all the dried up extra around it!
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