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Default Re: crochet headbands alternative in tutu dress?

This is how I've done it with two headbands together, haven't tried it on a single one yet.

Unstitch the seams in the headbands. Cut two pieces of knit the same size as the headbands, put the headbands right sides together and then a piece of knit on both of the wrong sides, put your machine on stretch stitch and sew a straight stitch down one side, then I sew it again with a zig-zag stitch to help hold it, trim the extra. Before sewing the other sides together I pin the knit to the headband and sew 3 straight lines across with a straight stitch (still on stretch),one at the top, one across the middle and one a few rows from the bottom giving me room for the tulle.

I have fun with the colors of the knit behind it, I've made a black and orange witch costume with a black headband and orange knit showing through, a bee costume with a yellow headband and black knit behind. I'll take a pic and post it.
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