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Default How to make headband cards for pennies!!

I know someone made a tutorial which I have been using but, I hated having to undo toggle headbands to put them on the cards.

Here is a 5 minute tutorial on how to make some easy peezy headband cards!! Hope this helps someone.

All you need is poster board- any color
measuring tape
pen or pencil
and a hole punch to hang them afterward

Draw out the below design onto your posterboard. Use the measurements given.

Cut out and fold on all the dotted lines.

Make sure you have good you can insert your headband of choice ( toggle, crochet, FOE)

fold over twice....

now fold the other side on top of those...

add your piece of tape, sticker, whatever to hold it closed.

it holds the headband in place and can't slide out....

you can punch a whole in the middle of the top longest section to hang...

The poster board makes approxitmatly 36 cards!!

Hope this helps someone....trying to come up with a price to sell pre-mades?? any idea...
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