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Default Re: If you have little ones, unplug your wood burner!!!

So glad she is okay! My 22month old always immitates me too. She's always trying to put bows together or holds a lighter to ribbon. I never use my wood burner in front of her because of this, I'm too scared that I will haveone of my brain fart moments and leave it in her reach and she wil hurt herself. My 8yr old watchedme straighten my hair when she was 2 and one day she was in my lap while I was doing it(this was a normal thing). I set it down for a second to unplug it after it was off and she reached for it. It fell onto her arm like a clamp and was maybe there for a few seconds because I heard the noise(she didn't even have time to cry). The burn was bad enough that I cried and still get upset when I see the now tiny scar on her arm. Again, I'm very glad your dd didn't get hurt.
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