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Default Re: What am I doing wrong with my lightbox

Picasa is very user friendly, yes you can crop. I hate picnik for the same reasons as you. I do almost all my editing in Picasa (don't go by my pictures in my banner, I didn't always know how to use it LOL!). You can even watermark by putting text ontop of your picture and adjust the transparency. The only thing I wish it would do do is erase the background, but if I start with a halfway decent picture I can make it look so much better with Picasa.

Give the lights on the side of your box a try, also with the white balance, should make a big difference with what you have to start with

Originally Posted by happels View Post
Picassa, huh. Now I'll have, gimp, and picassa on my computer! Picnik had that neutral color picker thing, but it always annoyed me that I could only work on 5 photos at a time, and I have a super slow internet connection out here in BFE, so I never invested much time in picnik. Is picassa good for cropping, too? I'd like a one stop editing software, know what I mean?

As for the lights, no I didn't do any on the outside, b/c I had 6 lightbulps pointing inside. SIX! I thought they would bounce off the inside walls and take away the shadow and fix the grayish background. Nope!

Thanks so much for your help Ladies. I knew there would be answers here!

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