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Default Re: What am I doing wrong with my lightbox

Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
Do you have any of your lights aimed at the sides through the tissue paper? I don't see any, that might help brighten it up a bit. Also your white balance on your camera could be adjusted, that will help quite a bit.

An easy free program to brighten it up is Picassa, here is what I did to your picture in 2 seconds by going to "tuning", clicking on the neutral color picker and then clicking on a part of the white background. Then I added a touch of fill light and a lot of highlight!
Picassa, huh. Now I'll have, gimp, and picassa on my computer! Picnik had that neutral color picker thing, but it always annoyed me that I could only work on 5 photos at a time, and I have a super slow internet connection out here in BFE, so I never invested much time in picnik. Is picassa good for cropping, too? I'd like a one stop editing software, know what I mean?

As for the lights, no I didn't do any on the outside, b/c I had 6 lightbulps pointing inside. SIX! I thought they would bounce off the inside walls and take away the shadow and fix the grayish background. Nope!

Thanks so much for your help Ladies. I knew there would be answers here!
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