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Default Re: Bow Making Lessons

I think it's a bit different if they are just friends/acquaintances asking to be taught versus a group of really close friends who regularly get together for crafting or other playdates. If it's the latter, I think I would find something similar that we could all learn together, but that didn't give away my trade secrets for what I was selling. There are tons of types of hair accessories and you don't HAVE to show them the ones you make.

I would say, something like, "It took me a lot of time and practice to figure out the basics when I was first learning and now it's a business for me that's a lot of hard work. It takes so much practice and I don't think we'd get very far. But I found this idea and it would be so much fun for us all to learn together!"

Then find a free tut for something you don't sell and use that for the playdate. You eat, drink, chat and learn a new craft all together--fun for all and you've not given away anything. The internet is open for any and all, so our secrets are pretty much out there to be found anyway. Some people are just better at executing an idea than others are. Have you ever looked at a bow and said, "Yeah, cute! I think I can do that!" and then you see another that takes your breath away. You can't teach someone how to do the second one even if you would try.

Like I told my daughters yesterday, "No, Mommy could not make that for you. That man is an artist!"
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