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Default Re: Bow Making Lessons

I would say sure I hold bow making classes for a price...

My day job is dog grooming and I cannot tell you how many times a week I have someone call and ask if I would teach them how to groom, cause they LOVE dogs...

It ticks my off for a numer of reasons, I went to school on the other side of the province and sacrificed time and money to learn, I have travelled all over North America goin to seminar, paying for private lessons, for me to teach means I would have to SLOW down and make LESS money so I could teach and not work making money....

So I made up some brochures from vistaprint and they are about my 'grooming classes', $250 per day, provide your own dog, your tool kit is around $1000 (cause you are not touching my pricey tools that have taken me years to afford).

I have had NOT one person take up the chance of me teaching them but I handle it professionally and nicely.
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