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Default Re: Bow Making Lessons

Hi, I've been following this forum for a long time now... I have gotten lots of ideas, information, and tips from ALL of you. I make my bows for my daughters and nieces. What drives me MAD is when out of the kindness of my heart I give someone a bow, and then some time later they ask to make them more and more. They don't even have the nerve to offer the supplies! I have had NUMEROUS of people do this kind of thing to me...

coworker who I have given FREE bows to tells me..."my daughter really wants a halloween bow,"
me: Awe, I don't have any halloween ribbon
her: well just throw something together that's orange and black
me: Gosh, I don't have those color ribbons either
(still not offerring to buy the ribbon)
her: Well, aren't you going to make your girls halloween bows
me: Um, maybe but right now I don't have extra money to buy ribbon but I think Target has some halloween ribbon for $1 in their dollar spot.
her: Nah, well if you do make them some, remember to make one for my girl k

True Story! Sorry I went and had a soap box moment but this has happened before with SEVERAL women! Or they want me to "personally" show them how to make them. I just say, well just go on the internet because that's how I learned. So do you think they stop asking after that??? Heck no! Ugh!

So, do it if it really comes from the goodness of your heart but I WOULD NOT DO IT!!!
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