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Default Re: Bow Making Lessons

Wish I'd seen this thread a year ago. I finally gave in and taught my 'best friend' how to make bows since I was always making her girls' bows for really cheap anyway. She'd come over all the time, asking questions or watching me and a few months later started her own business. She even had the gall to ask me to help set up her 'shop' in her basement. It's hard for me to swallow but I did because our daughters are best friends. Now I tell all the people who ask that the cost of supplies like ribbons and clips are so expensive that they're better off just buying something ready made. And it's the truth, if you go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's and buy all the different colored ribbons for the one bow plus the clips and glue sticks, you're out more money than if you'd bought it ready made.
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