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Default Re: Ribbon from fabric?

Originally Posted by brynneybelle View Post
I just recently made a tractor themed bottle cap bow with strips of denim instead of ribbon for the spikes and loops. I posted a picture in another forum, but I'll post it again here for you. I found the hardest thing was just getting a straight cut of the fabric because I was using old jeans! lol But, if you are using actually fabric that hasn't already been sewn into something else, then you shouldn't have a problem. I starched and ironed it like CRAZY, until it was quite stiff, and then used fray check on the edges. I suppose with a thinner fabric you could hem the edges for a more finished look, but depending on how you use it in the bow, you may see the underside of it. You may want to think about sewing two pieces, wrong sides together. That way both sides will look finished. If you try it, definitely let us know how it goes!!! Great possibilities for perfectly matching custom made outfits---if it works!
Thats really cute!!

I'm thinking about trying it in the next couple weeks if I have some free time. I know it will take some time to do but i will def post some pics if i ever get it to do what i want. Thanks!
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