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Default Re: Does anyone know who can make or will sell this flower?

Here is where you can find that ribbon. HTH

Originally Posted by melody3333 View Post
Hello Ladies

I will not be doing a tut. There is a lady listed on the first page who sells them for $2.00. They come out very nice. If you want alot of flowers just add more. You can make them from 1/4" or 3/8" depending on your look you are wanting.

I do need some more help! I forgot how to post a thread. I did this one by messing around and can't figure it out again. That's not the help I need though; well if you know how to do it I will love the help!

I am looking for this ribbon. I have been looking forever. All I can find is the candy corn on black or candy corn on white with swiss. Here is a picture. PLEASE HELP!
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