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Default Re: another korker question

Originally Posted by Punkincreations View Post
I sew mine.. but after trial and error.. this is how I do it

First off I use white Nylon Bead Thread comes in 300ft rolls in the bead section of walmart for like 2.00? maybe 3.00. I dont use a lot of thread I use the right lenth for the job persay. I Stack my korkers on my needle but I dont do it all going the same way i mix it up a tad. And after they are all on my thread I go back threw the korkers.. if i get them all the 2nd time around is another question ( is why i use bead thread it supports it even if i dont go threw again)

Then after i tie and cut.. i fluff it up make it look nice. and then I spay HAIRSPRAY or you can use starch w/r or do nothing.. Its whatever you decide.

Its trial and error to get them the way you want.. just dont give up my first 25 Korker bows looked like crap and i kept going
hmm ok maybe thats y.. im using some super thin thread... so i go through like 2 times up down up and then down again... ill try using thicker thread... maybe my length is all wrong too maybe i should just do 3 inches?? anyone do 2.5 like me?? thanks for the help
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