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Default URGENT HELP NEEDED - need to entertain a 9 year old girl

Please help, my mom is bringing over a 9 year old tomorrow who has been making some hair accessories on her own. Of course nothing magnificent, mainly just gluing flowers together etc. My mom wants me to teach her some "tricks of the trade". Problem is I am NOT a hair bow maker. I mean I make hair accessories but out of material and what not. I just recently learned how to make a double tuxedo bow (lol not sure if that's even the name - basically a pinwheel bow without the tails). That is advanced as it gets. I would love to teach her some stuff using ribbon that is very simple. Does anyone have any good ideas? Maybe small loopie clippies similiar to this: or something similiar. I'd like to be able to show her 2 or 3 styles.

Thank you so much!

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