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Default Re: Bottlecap question?

I personally use Envirotec just for the convenience that I can buy it locally. I know alot of people use Diamond Glaze. I have never had any problems with the ET.

After I print my image I put clear packing tape over the image and then punch it out. This protects the ink from running, etc. I have heard people say they put the Mod Podge over the image, but when I did that it turned the white of the images sort of a pinkish color. After I punch out the image I use the Xyron sticker maker (make sure you have the permanent cartridge) and adhere to the bottle cap. Then just to make sure it is all sealed nicely I put mod podge around the edge of the bottle cap and image to seal the edges so that the resin does not seep underneath the image. If you get the Mod Podge on the image you can just wipe with a tissue or something. It doesnt matter how neat it is around the edge as it will dry clear. I always make sure it has no bubbles though because that will show through the resin. HTH!
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