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Default Re: I am in LOOOOOOOOVE with the BBM!!!!!

Originally Posted by LPLKaryn View Post
Hi everyone, I am sorry for the mailboxes filling up and sparse postings, I am spending the time actually shipping and assembing the templates, so that's a good thing.

We are completely caught up to within the 1 week ship time. Unless you paid by echeck - then it took time to clear until the date requested.

Lilpretzel - Are you Canada? We have to ship from the PO instead of paypal so it doesn't trigger a notification. It has a customs # that we can track with if necessary (PO has to do it) But a standard tracking # is about $20 more international. So I try to keep the cost down. Most Canadian shipments are taking about 3 weeks. When Rob gets home I can get you the date that it shipped on.
Hi Karen, I'm in Australia actually, I just need to know if it's been shipped, sorry just can't wait to get my hands on them
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