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Lightbulb Re: HELP! Empire Waist Tutu Dress

Some ppl use the crocheted headbands for tutus. If you're using elastic for the very top of the dress, here's an idea:

after knotting the top, put the tulle thru the crocheted headband, each section of tulle in its' own hole (like 1 above the other) and then knot them there.


use a piece of the tulle, just kinda' bunched up, cut it as log as your other strips of tulle PLUS the waist measurement (I'd do it extra long, anyway, you can always trim it, right?). Use the middle portion as your waist (mark this, so you don't tie to the tulle that will hang down HOPEFULLY even with the rest of the dress).

After doing the top, tie to this piece of tulle. then you could tie that piece like an apron I guess. You could do it in a bow, but you'd have to take that into account when measuring.

I REALLY think the dress in the link is 2 rows of elastic, the waist is just ribbon wrapped. Not sure, but I think there's a tut someplace for ribbon wrapped tutus. Ask your client why she doesn't want the elastic; maybe y'all can figure something out.

I hope this wasn't too wordy and drawn-out. The tulle thing could really work.... I'd love to try it! LOL!!! Good luck, and please let us know what you do... pics would be great (of course)!

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