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Default Re: Honest people needed for opinions.

Originally Posted by sparkle View Post
I was working my twisted boutique with the folds. All the talk about the templated made me buy one lol. so I just go it yesterday been working with it since then. From my perception it looks like my original ones look better than the ones with the template. What do you think?

The yellow one is with the template the green my fold method.
I sent you a pm as well. Look at the creases on the green one. The ribbon at the very top of the crease on either side of the thread is angled forward, while on the yellow one, the bottom is folded forward and the top is folded back.

See if you can flip that, so they are both folded in the same direction, and open the crease up a little - you can put your fingers in the loops and gently pull them out. On pg 15 in the book there are two figures that are a cross section of a bow at the crease, when the ends are up vs down you get different loops.

Let me know how this works.
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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