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Default Re: I am in LOOOOOOOOVE with the BBM!!!!!

Hi everyone, I am sorry for the mailboxes filling up and sparse postings, I am spending the time actually shipping and assembing the templates, so that's a good thing.

We are completely caught up to within the 1 week ship time. Unless you paid by echeck - then it took time to clear until the date requested.

Lilpretzel - Are you Canada? We have to ship from the PO instead of paypal so it doesn't trigger a notification. It has a customs # that we can track with if necessary (PO has to do it) But a standard tracking # is about $20 more international. So I try to keep the cost down. Most Canadian shipments are taking about 3 weeks. When Rob gets home I can get you the date that it shipped on.

Herebygrace - I know you have been looking for me. Can you email or etsy convo your paypal address? I will double check for you, but if you ordered more than a week ago, it should have shipped. I will check for you as well.

SweetCheek - Hi! The Classic template makes a tailored, flat to the head style of bow. It is very durable and holds it shape. It makes 3 sizes of bows (with more in the works). 7 folding/design techniques.

The twisted templates make twisted poofy bows, typically a longer learning curve to master the angles. The template takes care of the angles so all you need to learn is the creasing and shaping. There are 2 templates. One works with 7/8" ribbon, the otehr with 1.5" ribbon. You can make the bows as large as you want - depending on how much ribbon you use. 7 folding/design techniques as well.

The surrounds make a 4 loop bow, that is traditionally stacked within other bows. I personally like this with classics - but that is just me. You can also make flowers and pointsettias with this.

The Ultimate kit has all three kits together. We mathematically came up with several million possible combinations with all three kits. Hope this helps!!

The classic, surrounds and 1.5" twisted are all in stock but we had a gluing...we'll just say "issue", and are out of the 7/8" twisted. So I can put them back on order But I didn't want people to have to wait. We have ordered more, but will take about 2 weeks.

If anyone has any other questions please feel free to ask - I will get back to you as soon as I can!!

Thank you!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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