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Default Ballet SlippersRibbon Sculpture

You will need
Pink 3/8 gg ribbon
2 x 1.5"
2 x 2.5"
2 x 3.25"
1 x 1"
White 1/8 satin ribbon
4 x 2"
White 1/4or 3/8 gg ribbon
depends on the size you want your bow to be

Take 1 each of the pink pieces (x2 pieces)
Make a tear shape with the 1.5" piece gluing inside top together.
Glue one end of the 2.5" piece to the top of the tear / repeat with the 3.25" piece
Now loop the 2.5" to make a larger tear around the 1.5" / repeat with the 3.25"
002.jpg 003.jpg

004.jpg 005.jpg

Repeat above stpes with the remaining 3 pieces (x2 pieces)
You should now have 2 "shoes"

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