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Default Re: This is driving me crazy

I think I have it figured out *crosses fingers*...but we'll see over the next few days.

SO OK, I'm cutting the ribbon for the 7/8 inch template at 20 inches, but I think I will start doing it like tinytutubows does and do 17 inches maybe.


Originally Posted by LPLKaryn View Post
Hi there!

You can post pictures if you need to!

If you look at page 15 and 16 in the book it should cover the problem you are having. It all comes down to a creasing/shaping technique.

On page 16 there is a yellow bow, one loop is flipped forward, the other is flipped towards the back. The forward one gives you that curvy part. How long is the ribbon you are using? I will make one here the same way.

You'll get the best results if the creasing is symmetrical. You said you normally take a few stitches and pull it to gather the ribbon - do you have a picture of that? Maybe I can give you a few pointers to try.

You'll get it!
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