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Default Re: Bottlecap confusion???

I buy sheet in the size of 4x6 from etsy or on here (it's cheaper to print 4X6 sheets). On here, you can just ask for what you need and the ladies will be more than happy to help. I download them to my computer and then upload them to Walgreens or Walmart (love walmart) and pick them up. I do this because if you print them on your computer, you have to seal them or the image will run. I punch them out using a 1 inch punch (can get from joann's or michael's). I then glue the image to the bottlecap using modge podge or an adhesive sticker (sheet are sold on here). Then I use resin to cover the image and seal it to the bottlecap. There is many other waus to seal it but resin is waterproof. Look through the threads on here, there are so many woman who do this (and much better than me).
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