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Default Re: Bottlecap confusion???

I haven't made any bottle cap bows yet. In fact I haven't made any bows yet, I'm just getting started.
I do however, make bottle cap earrings and pendants.
Here's what I do. I have a image program called GIMP that I downloaded free off the internet. I take and open my image in that program. There is a little figure that looks like a scalpel that is called a crop tool. I use that to crop my images. If I have a page of images I can use that to chose just one image or I take and cut the images that I don't want out then cut and paste the images I do want into one area of the paper.
If I am using a single image I then size it to 25mm.

Once I have the image printed on regular white card stock I cut it out then use modpodge to glue it into my bottle cap. I use Easy Cast resin on my bottle caps. This is stinky and better done in a garage or outside. Some people might not want to mess with this so there is and alternative available. Epoxy resin stickers are available at

You can get bottle caps and images on there. If you are looking for images search for bottle cap collage images

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