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Default Bottlecap confusion???

Hi everyone,
I have another question . I am trying bottle caps for the first time and Im a little confused on how to do it. I went and got some high gloss but Im not sure if its the right stuff. It is not any of the brands i could find that people said to use. I could not find the stuff when I was at Hobby Lobby and was not sure which section to look in.My other question is when you pay for images and you download them, how do you print them off with 4by6 paper? I thought they were made to this size but they are not and I cant shrink them or it will mess up the size. Since its downloaded as one image I think I might just have to buy 8 by 10 paper but if I have someone who wants one and just need one letter it seems like a waste of ink to print off all the letter. Let me know your thoughts. Also, do you gloss yours if yo use glossy photo paper? I think it would protect it. Ok I think thats all for now.
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