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Default Hair bow holder idea, and frugal

I saw something you all might be interested in.

You know those cheap ceiling tiles they sell at Home Depot?
They come on different sizes and look sort of like.....hmmm...
slightly holey sheet rock maybe?

Anyways, I have seen people take duct tape and secure the corners (with decor colored tape) then paint artwork on it.
Its a great canvas. Then they use it as peg board.
It's very light too.
You can hang with ribbon or just a hook.

They would make cute hairbow holders I think!
Im going to make a huge one for a peg board for my daughters wall.

My fav so far is the ones where the paint a basic little girl to match your child. Hair , eyes and all, in a basic dress.

The post above reminded me of this.
You could take this post and the one above and combine them with some yarn I think?
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