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Default Re: This is driving me crazy

1. Welll, that must be a big part of the problem, I was using the wrong side as the front of the bow.

2. So you said to make the "X" more extreme, you mean "wider" so it looks a bit funny? lol Stretch it apart, I'm sure.

3. I still get mixed up on what fold and crease mean (when I use BBM I "fold" my ribbon in half, and make a "crease" mark so I know both ends are the same length, is that what you mean?

4. I guess I don't know what you mean by the words I highlighted in red below, please explain if you would? But...I DO know what you mean by an "M" type crease. Go figure lol).

Originally Posted by Tess9737 View Post
Pic A is the front of your bow and your loops look pretty good. A tad uneven maybe, but the advice I would give you is to make the "x" still more extreme. So the part of the ribbon that crosses to make an "x" in pic A could still be make more extreme. Then when you go to crease the fold, I use a "m" type crease. You know, you fold in 3 little bumps.
I'm terrible at explaining things so this might not even make sense, lol!
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