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Default Re: This is driving me crazy

Yes, the one with the cupcakes on it. Ok, so it is the twisted boutique bow. Good to know.

I have a template for the twisted boutique bow, but have been "weaning" myself off of it because my goal has been to be doing them without templates after much practice. But even if I use the template, I can't get it to look like that.

I just don't know what to do. There's obviously something I need to do that i'm not doing....but the fact is, I can't get from point A.... to point C without knowing what point B is. UGH.

Originally Posted by samsmombeth View Post
IF you are talking about the white print ribbon bow in the middle it is a twisted boutique bow. If you search that on here there are tons of tuts for it. It is not an easy bow to make look right & takes a lot of practice.
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