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Default This is driving me crazy

1. I 1st want to apologize if this bow example was made by someone here. I will give you full credit (even if they aren't on this board)! It was only after I cropped the picture and saved it, that I realized it might have said the name of the owner!!!!

The arrows point to the bow I am trying to make. What is it called? I think I am making this type of bow, but I have tried my darndest to make MY loops look like this type of bow's luck. I tried starch and everything. What type of bow is it and any tips?

2. I have every tutorial known to man and every link, I am still trying to find more bows to make (paid tut or not), but I just don't think there are anymore out there, that I haven't tried to make ( seriously). Though I cannot for my life, perfect the funky loopy bow lol.

I know there is a link here that people post often for people trying to find free tuts, and I have that link and many others. I have the fabric bow, loopy, korker, stacked, you name it.

3. I really would like to find a very "elegant/pretty/frilly" bow design (hard to explain)that would look really nice for a flower girl to wear in a wedding. Anyone have any ideas?

I had a request for one (word of mouth is awesome) and I have no ideas but I have 3 months to figure it out if I take this on. I have done some googling but nothing that I think is spectacular (I have high expectations of myself). I do NOT want to copy anyone, I just want to get some ideas and make something of my own. I'm drawing a blank big time.

Ideas please?
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