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Default Re: Birdsong Bows tutorials?? Anyone used them before??

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Just because it says "Original" doesn't always mean anything!! You can get close to the same bow for free from TRR, just doesn't have all of the extras added to it. I think the Birdsongs bows look pretty good, and they are much cheaper! Some one on here bought from her because I recognized her name when I was looking at her feedback, I just can't remember the name. Maybe she will come across this and post her opinion.
No, you don't understand. The title doesn't say original. What I meant to say was that the instructions you are considering purchasing belong to some else. Those are someone else's idea she is selling. To be clear, I am talking ONLY about the Loopy Bow instructions. I can not speak about the other. The Funky Loopy Bow belongs to someone else.

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