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Default Re: I made my own bow cards.

Originally Posted by Amber427 View Post
I spent all of my budget on printed ribbon for this month- and I have a show coming up. I decided to make my own bow cards! I know they aren't the BEST- but I think they will work great for my area and my craft show. What do you all think?

Oh- I put this in how to because others may want to do it. I used WordPerfect. Set the margins for 3X5 index card. I then downloaded my Etsy banner to the page- and printed them out. The ink for my printer is afforable. I also happen to have ALOT of ink- so it was better for me to go this route this time.
They look great! Do the index cards come as one sheet & then you just pull them apart? I never thought of looking for index cards without the lines. Great idea!
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