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Default Re: Funky Loopy Bow! EXCITED!!

Originally Posted by Pokeysmom View Post
I kind of agree with her. I really want these and will probably buy in a lil bit, but I could see how the people before could be a litle disgruntled. I think since you lowered the price so much and added the alli tutorial and that it shouldn't be that big of a deal to offer it to previous buyers who contact you about it. It is just good customer service. Right now I am on the fence about buying them for this reason, it just does not seem right to people who just bought them and paid $5.51 more than people are paying for all of it and if they pay $4.99 for theadd on they will be paying $10.50 more than your new customers. I am just saying I see how previous purchasers would be disappointed
I'm dissapointed also. I paid $18.50 for the instructions & didn't complain about it & now they are several dollars lower for the ebook including both ways & now I will have to pay $4.99 more to get the alli clip tut. I just don't feel like I should have to pay extra being that I just recently purchased the instructions.

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