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Default Re: Funky Loopy Bow! EXCITED!!

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I know it seems I'm being rude about this, I don't mean to. Its just that I normally wouldn't pay $18.50 for a tut, and I have seen people write that they were really disappointed for paying that much for a tut. I wanted to know how to make these bows, and I knew when I got them I would say, why didn't I figure that out on my own. But I didn't and I bought them and really like them. Anyway, if I buy the add on for alli clips for $4.99, I am paying almost double what the new people are paying for both. Yes, I do understand that things go on sale, but you actually just dropped your price. Which is great for all the new people! Again, I am not trying to stir up trouble or drive people away, because they are actually getting a good deal. I'm just a little upset because I spent a lot of money for something I normally wouldn't.
You don't sound rude at all
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