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Default Re: Funky Loopy Bow! EXCITED!!

GREAT question! The funky loopy bow instructions have been updated. In 2009 I redid them and add a ton more pictures! They are the ones that I sell now. A week ago I finished the funky loopy instructions for the alligator clips! So now they are READY!! BOTH are sold on etsy in the same listing for $12.99.

What I am doing for the ladies who bought the funky loopy bow instructions BEFORE I had the ebook done for the alligator clips, I am offering the new ebook for $4.99 to them. Another thing I am doing now is that I am offering a yahoo group for those who have purchased these. A good way to learn other tips and tricks. Plus a ton of more info.

So let me know if you have any other questions. I am always here to help!!

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
Angie - I got the original tut soo long ago, and since then I have heard there has been an update to the original directions as well. So I need to order just the allie clips, but feel I need to get the whole shebang, if the orig. is updated as well???? Right?
Angie (Doodle)
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