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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
Which one is the yahoo group. I'm a member of all kinds of groups. lol Do they email every once in a while with updates? What's the usual price for the schiff buys for 100 of ribbon?
No hon. We sell 10 yard incements of 3/8 Schiff for $1 all the way up to 2.25" for $3.48. Its (put your paypal address in the message & say you're a paid member). I'm so sorry you've been missing out!

Donna picked up extra 25 yd rolls from the last awesome custom dots buy & they are available for pre-order on the ribbonheaven site (you specify the colors). Did you see those? They will arrive at the shop at the end of August.

We do contests for awesome prizes in the Yahoo group too. Sign up for special notices at the very least if you find the message delivery too overwhelming in your inbox. That way you'll get messages from the mods & admin about the buys & contests. Although I must say the gal in there are really fun to chat with!!

See you there
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