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Default Re: shirts with ribbon or with appliques

Sorry I can't help with the ribbon shirt but for the one with appliques I'll try. You'll need Steam a Seam (Hobby Lobby or Joann's will have it) or something like it, fabric you want to make the design out of, an iron, and shirt(or whatever your gonna put the applique on). On the steam a seam, pencil the outline of your pattern on the paper liner, then cut it out. Place the sticky side of the steam a seam on your fabric that you are using for the applique and cut around the steam a seam. Then take the applique you just made and place it where you want it on the shirt (or whatever your adding it too) and follow the directions on the steam a seam to iron it on. Then if you can sew and have a sewing maching, you can stitch around the outside of your applique. Sorry if these are bad directions, I've never tried to give them before. It may help to search for iron on tie tuts, then instead of making the tie, change it to what ever shape you want but follow the same directions. HTH, they are easier than I make them sound.

Here is a link to a iron on tie tut-

Here is a link that may help with the lady bug shirt-

As for supplies i get mine at Walmart, Joanns or Hobby Lobby

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