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Default Re: best way to mount large flowers

I had this problem with the larger flowers as well. I started cutting circles of felt and putting it on the back side of the flower. This makes it a little more sturdy, hides any stitches, etc. on the back of your flower and also kind of conceils the alligator clip a little more too (for those not so fluffy flowers)! I always use alligator clips on my flowers beacuse I have customers who attach them to tank top straps, interchange on their purses or diapers bags, etc.

Jill...I had one customer who wanted her flowers attached to the crochet headbands too. I just got some string and tied it around the crochet headband so it wasnt a big thick part of the headband I was attaching the bow to. I put the felt on the back of the flower (as I do will all my flowers), but also added a small piece of ribbon to the center (back) of the flower so I could wrap that around the headband and glue it. The ribbon hid the glue and was also a soft fisnish that would not scratch babies head. I have seen people use felt instead of ribbon too. Hope that makes sense!
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