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Default Re: Ribbon heaven. Worth it?

Originally Posted by tyeeshawebb View Post
The ribbon is really cute.
Great price for 10 yards

Membership is $25
Customer Service is TERRIBLE
Shipping, I think they have tortoises deliver it to USPS.
I've still not recived a roll that was on bacorder that I paid for 6 months ago, and I've even asked for a substitue roll.

This is just my opinion though. Good Luck!
I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. I'd be happy to help you follow up on this if you'd like. If you would email me your invoice number and/ or any emails that you have gotten from Donna I can look into this for you. My email is [email protected]

Ribbonheaven is a group buy site and Donna asks for 2 weeks to process orders in exchange for wholesale pricing. (6 months is not the norm, and I am so sorry that this seems to have fallen between the cracks)

If you want this ribbon without membership fee & retail pricing, feel free to visit Jena's site (her designer): I know she has some good mixes in her shop too.
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