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Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
Oh you're so silly, you had me prepped to see some really bad roses, lol. Yours look great! If Cbettua's tut doesn't help, I'll work on some to show you how I do it & PM you when my son takes his nap.
Well I tend to think yours are some of the best and compared mine did not look as good, but they are different styles. Thanks for the compliment and all your help with this.

Originally Posted by cbettua View Post
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are great!

Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
I like your roses...why do you think there is anything wrong with them? I use the sis boom method also, I'm not really that fond of the "method" I do like the result. I hate gettng up a gazillion times to go the to the ironing board. I want to make some of the "rolled/twisted" ones too...but the ones I've tried to make in the past have been a total disaster.
Haha I hate the getting up so I have a cheat. I have a mini ironing board and I plug in the iron and put the board next tome on the floor. I use a low setting on the iron and lay it over the strip while I wrap one strip. and keep this process going till I have 4 or ironed then I slip out the paper and roll/glue. After that I lay the iron on the rolled rose for 20sec and then spray with soft starch.

After lots of triallast night this has been working for me today.
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