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Originally Posted by strawberrybaby View Post
here is my first attempt at them. I just layered two boutique style DRR bows.

Love it!

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
I was intimidated by this ribbon at first too. I had hoarded it for about a year and a half & had a couple failed attempts. For the record, my failed attempts were the twisted boutique bows. It just wasn't rigid enough to hold the loops on its own.

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I love this style with the DRR. This is two layers. Each layer is two separate loops that are stitched side by side. These are so easy to make. You don't want to make them too wide or they flop though.

Originally Posted by Summeroo View Post
Do you happen to have any pictures you'd be willing to share. I too do not make bows with this gorgeous ribbon because it frustrates me. I just think it is such beautiful ribbon I want to make something beautiful with it.


Thank you all you've been very helpful!

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